About 17 years ago I remember we had a wild party dancing to a song by a band called Nirvana.



Nirvana is the title of a sequence of 191 photographs.


The title "Nirvana" to me means "transmigration". So I tried to elevate the migration-theme of the virtual residency project onto a meta-level. The work is specifically dedicated to this project.


The images I selected deal with migration in several aspects:


1. physical migration [pictures of travelling, pictures of nowhere]


2. mental migration [travel of consciousness/attention] - deconstructing traditional contextual slideshow concepts of a coherent place that is shown - images are dissolving one into the other - but the sequence is more a stream of consciousness than a story being told. Soft Zapping.


3. data vs spiritual migration [referring to opposing symbols of mass communication and spiritual communication]

I tried to create a mix of these aspects to come to my personal nirvana - hoping that a potential viewer may be reached and touched in one way or another.



I have two main associations in regard to "nirvana":

1. the traditional buddhist concept of death/enlightenment

2. the grunge concept of self-denial - refusing a traditional [whatever that means] life-style. This is already a perception of the traditional concept / transferred to Seattle - nirvana of the second degree.



Now - that Kurt died such a long time ago - this leaves me historically with a third degree of nirvana - that takes into account the previous two.





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