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"How would I have spent my time without a computer?"

The main menues photography and collages give a clue to the material background of the images and are static; animated contains animated gifs and animations using Flash. If you click on a thumbnail a page with the larger image should load. Some page sequences are linked in circles. In the end you will be able to get back home or to The End.

The pages were optimized for Internet Explorer 5.5 in full screen view [press F11] and a resolution of 1024x768 pixels using true colors. With smaller monitors you may run into display problems, as not all the frames are intended to be scrolled.

Please, understand that translation of pages into English is an ongoing effort.


Dudweiler (Saar)
Once upon a time
Moonscapes: a night at the coast of South Carolina, 1994
Underground: Grand Central Station, New York City, 1994
2 weeks Malta:
A winter travel to a country that recently joined the European Community. A Mediterranean island with some 400.000 inhabitants, thick walls, a lot of waste, a lot of tourists, a long history as the outpost of christianity, a lot of sun and not enough drinking water for 1 million tourists p.a.


Construction Site

recurrent webworx:

money multiplier [html]
money multiplier [flash]

click here
ein buch, das [a book, that]
daily advice
cold media

meditation and wisdom:

waiting for madonna
grouped image
digital soup
analogue soup

video [documentary]:

early research projects
magnificat [video documentation] direct feedback between Camera and Monitor, generated light impulses, cut to the soundtrack of Arvo Pärt.
dance of ghosts [video documentation] videomixer feedback using TV images of a Carnival situation, News and Commercials that fade away like ghosts, cut to a soundtrack of Dead can Dance.


Most images in this section were collages/samples of photos, photocopies and printed material. These were scanned and retouched.

Maze: a labyrinth is not a circle. A click-pun with the meaning of the word "Realitšt" [reality] and the navigation into nowhere. (see also click here)

Basement: a motion study

Hansel and Gretel got trapped in the forest because they did not know where is left and were is right - they had lost their absolute path. The numbers did not help.


Monopoly: My understanding of a threat of fascism has to to with "synchronization" [a better German word is Gleichschaltung] - in and through organizations [take Italy 2004 as an example]. The most powerful organizations today are the multinational companies.
Gleichschaltung means: giving up democracy.

krypta 1.0
[documentary about a para-scientific research project, in German language only] 

Experiments with animated gifs and flash movies.

Hospitalism: sometimes horses suffer from this desease.

Syntax is the attempt to build new units by sampling parts of an umbrella, a palm tree, and a scale. They pretend to tell a story but in real they are not connected.

Letters are still in the introductory phase and are supposed to multiply later on. The poetry was written by Luis Britto García [original in Spanish, translated into German by Hilke Wesner].

unnamed 1-100 : you will see at random 5 out of 100 images from a faked-news-videosequence
(n order to view these pages you will need a shockwave plug-in and patience to load 5MB)

strictly commercial: warning: some images may be found repulsive.


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